By: Robert Broken Arrow, OK

“We have (7) children so our lives are constantly on the go…so between football, soccer, baseball, track, basketball and cheerleading practices and games, really doesn’t leave us much time for family sit-downs. Several years ago the BEST investment we made in our family was too buy a boat from Ugly Johns!!! The lake is the ONLY place we go that EVERYONE wants to be there at the same time, which is RARE when you have a large family; however, at the lake gives us that captive audience that we desperately wanted and needed to keep our kids close. Today so many kids want to go their own way but when you have a boat and more importanyly stay involved that don’t mind as much to be with Mom and Dad at the lake! Also, thru the years we’ve found that quality time can only come from that quanity time! And for us Grand Lake provides those sit-down lunches and dinners to re-connect with our children PLUS allows us the HUGE benefit to get to know the kids better that they’re hanging out with our children…because who doesn’t want to bring their friends to the lake? (right) 🙂 We’ve discovered by owning a boat that the REAL investment wasn’t in the boat as it’s a down payment for (FAMILY TIME)!!! “Kids will NEVER remember what you do for them but they will NEVER forget what you do WITH THEM”!!! Boating has been that turning point in our family and we hope it will do the same for yours!Thank you again to the ENTIRE staff at UGLY’S for ALWAYS making our family feel as though we’re apart of yours! Robert Rinner”