Mike & Linda Vinita, OK

“My wife and I brought our family up on the scenic lakes of Arizona. After the nest became empty we came to the country but were too busy to keep our boat and consequently sold it. Well that has changed again. After searching the internet for a long time, the boat we thought we might want we found at Ugly Johns. We met with Gary to look at it but don’t-cha-know it is sold already. Being the professional, helpful salesman he is Gary presented us with options. To make a long story short, we now own more boat than we thought we ever would. Every associate we dealt with at Uglys was very helpful, courteous and friendly. Jared is helpful and accomodating in his management of the slips. Jim and Tim both spent time with us to fill us in on some of this boats systems and the care that they and the owner had provided. Thank you to all you guys. These are the qualities that led us to elect to keep it at Thunder Bay. My experience with boats of any size is that ownership is only the beginning. There are always things to repair. Things to maintain. Things to add or change or upgrade. For these reasons the service department becomes the lifeline between the marina and vessel owners. My suggestion is to add Jim, Tim and the fellows to the Ugly Johns websight under Thunder Bay Crew. Now that the sale is done,the vessel is insured and has a load of fuel and a home these guys are most important to me and deserve the recognition. Ya’ll stop in at B 30 and have a cup of coffee and say hello. Thanks, Mike & Linda Brady “