Arkansas Crew

GARY KUYKENDALL - General Manager, Rocky Branch Marina, Rogers, AR.

After 35 years in lumbar wholesale, Gary decided what he wanted to do "when he grew up" - sell boats! After a lifetime of recreational boating he moved from Lake Keystone to Grand Lake in June 2012. He joined the "Ugly Team" and is fullfilling his dream of a vocation in the marine industry.
After a mere 9 months into his new "Ugly Life", Gary was presented with the opportunity to make a change in scenery.
With his proven track record of successful business operation and customer support, UJ knew Gary was the perfect fit to move to Beaver Lake and take charge of Rocky Branch Marina, the largest marina operation in the Ugly John's group.
Given his sales background, Gary will successfully bring a long overdue addition to Rocky Branch by offering New, Used and Brokerage sales from the crystal clear waters of Beaver Lake.
On a personal note, Gary has two daughters now living in California and he is extremely excited about the new adventure in Arkansas, getting to know the people here, and being an even larger part of Team Ugly.
If you visiting the area and looking for a new place to keep your boat or if you're already one of our wonderful tennants, be sure to stop by and meet Gary. He will be happy to hear from you.

Contact Gary at: